our spirit
Grounded in timeless craftsmanship, and elevated by refined design.

Since 2002, artist and master craftsman Marc Bernstein has committed his talents to designing an ever-evolving collection of urban-chic jewelry and leather goods suited for the cultural sophisticates and urban tastemakers in us all.

While Marc Bernstein New York produces highly individualized pieces, each collection is anchored by Marc’s supple, luxurious leathers and custom hardware colors, including Blond Gold and Manhattan Matte Black.

Drawing artistic inspiration from natural elements and antiquities from communities across the globe, Marc Bernstein has built an unshakeable reputation for designing pieces that cross borders, surpass time periods, and transcend trends.
our promise
Accessories are more than just objects, they are extensions of our purest selves. The accessories we choose to live our lives in open us up to the world; they serve as our armors, our first points of contact and our olive branches. At Marc Bernstein New York, we believe everyone has a story and every accessory can help them tell it.

Through a distinctively fluid approach to design, our pieces seamlessly integrate into every facet of your lifestyle. From day to night, city to city, work to play, our collections embolden you to share your story one piece at a time.

Our collections will continue to craft thoughtful, detailed designs that will inspire you to celebrate your passions and express your voice. Designs that go beyond the product itself and create a bond between those who wear it.
our story
MARC BERNSTEIN NEW YORK was officially created in 2002. Then an assistant to elite fashion photographers Patrick Demarchelier and Steven Sebring, Marc began to teach himself the art of leather craft when he struggled to find accessories that reflected his personal style and met his high quality standards. After producing his first leather cuff bracelet, word soon got out that Marc Bernstein was fashioning a new design revolution from New York’s own Lower East Side.

Over the next 17 years, Marc continued to expand his collection to include belts, handbags, necklaces, keychains, and wallets. As Marc’s artisanship has deepened, so too has his desire to infuse multiple perspectives and stories into his work.

Marc Bernstein New York collections have been featured in Vogue and sold in Barneys CO-OP, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols. When he’s not creating in his New York studio, Marc travels the world, challenging himself to infuse new elements and cultural traditions into his work.
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sustainability pledge
We want our community to know that we strive to increasingly incorporate eco-friendly practices into our collection productions.

At MARC BERNSTEIN NEW YORK, we pride ourselves in our superior craftsmanship, which we do in our in-house, Lower East Side, New York design studio. Despite our meticulous attention to detail, over time, some parts may eventually wear down or break.

To reduce our strain on resources, we encourage you to contact us at

warranty@marcbernsteinnewyork.com to evaluate if we may repair or refurbish your accessory at no charge, or for a nominal fee to cover replacement parts and labor. In your email, please include a picture of your accessory.

Watch this space for more updates on our sustainable production developments.